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Which urban dweller is not familiar with the stressful search for a parking space? At the end of the working day in particular, it can be a real headache to find a parking spot, and a lengthy search is bad for the environment too. Ten minutes was the average time spent searching for a parking space in the streets of Frankfurt am Main in 2017. And this figure is set to increase in an era of increasing mobility and urbanisation – unless smart IT prevails

Renting a parking space is one way to avoid having to search for a new one every time. But not only is this often a very expensive solution, but such spaces are extremely hard to come by. Yespark, a French PropTech company, has set out to solve this problem. The young entrepreneurs want to tap unused potential: the Yespark app indicates where free spaces are available – not in public multi-storey car parks, which are frequently full to bursting and expensive to boot, but on privately owned land. Housing companies can authorise Yespark to rent out their unused parking spaces to frustrated parkers. The only condition is that a space must be rented for at least one month.

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Open Sesame

How can a garage door know when to open for a Yespark user? Yespark collaborates with Intratone, the market leader in access control systems. The underlying technology is simple: when the renter uses the remote-control function in the app, his or her phone number is checked and identified by the Yespark server, which then sends its permission to open to the “Intrabox” linked to the garage door – and hey presto, the door opens.

Link planned
This puts an end to the search for a parking space in an instant – to the delight of the driver in question. And the housing companies – such as Groupe Valophis, one of the biggest social-housing companies with 49,000 residential units in the Paris area – benefit too. Placing their unused parking spaces on the market generates additional income. All the dealings with the driver are conducted via Yespark – in digitalised and user-friendly fashion. The start-up retains a percentage of the rent as commission. “The feedback is extremely positive. Yespark has succeeded in renting out 80 percent of the unused parking spaces that it manages on our behalf,” confirms Arnaud Suard, Director of Marketing and Quality at Groupe Valophis. “The next step is would be to link Yespark with our ERP system for direct data transmission. That would reduce our administrative outlay considerably.”

Plenty of traffic but nowhere to park – drivers in many cities know the problem only too well. The start-up Yespark takes the stress out of parking with an app via which housing companies’ unused parking spaces can be rented at affordable rates.
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Multi-way communication
This is where Aareon France comes in. The company has concluded a cooperation agreement with Yespark and is collaborating with Groupe Valophis as a pilot customer on a solution to link the Yespark app with the digital ecosystem Aareon Smart World as efficiently as possible. Ideally, the ERP solution would then be able to exchange data automatically with the Yespark app. Tests are being conducted to determine how to achieve the greatest benefit for all participants. Groupe Valophis is an innovative housing company that set out to tackle the digital transformation process at an early stage: it has used the Aareon France tenant app for well over two years. Aareon France is also conducting an ongoing dialogue with its cooperation partner Yespark. “Aareon is a preferred IT partner of the housing companies with which we cooperate. It is important that we know and understand the Aareon solutions and adapt our app accordingly. The collaboration is extremely profitable for us,” says founder Thibaut Chary.

Gauging potential
22 customers of Aareon France already use Yespark. “We are currently assessing our customers’ interest in integrating the Yespark solution in Aareon Smart World. If the offering finds favour, the solution should be made available not just in France, but in all other relevant national markets of the Aareon Group in the long term,” says Yves Le Meur, CEO Aareon France – adding that, since these national markets are highly specific, the demand for this service must be gauged in advance for each individual country.

PropTechs still on the up
PropTechs like Yespark are not uncommon in France. French authorities have taken a number of measures to encourage innovation, especially by means of start-ups in the property industry. The PropTech market is growing quickly, and Aareon is an extremely active player in it, both in France and in Europe in general. Aareon France just recently concluded three new partnerships with French start-ups Smiile, Activinnov and Nomad. Like Yespark, Nomad is also active in the parking space rental business. This openness and collaboration have enabled Aareon France to expand its portfolio of offerings for the property sector – to the ultimate benefit of all participants: housing companies, PropTechs and Aareon alike.

  You can read more about Aareon’s collaboration with PropTechs in the article “Innovation!” in our online 2017 Annual Report.

Quotations from Yespark app users:

“I’m very happy. The parking space is clean, easy to reach and affordable. Customer service is good. I’ll definitely recommend it to others.”
“Extremely convenient and very useful. You receive all the details before renting the parking space. I’m delighted with the outcome.”


Yespark is a French PropTech, a start-up in the property sector that has grown to become the market leader in France’s parking space rental business. Founded in 2014, Yespark now offers 25,000 rental parking spaces in 1,000 French car parks via its app. The monthly rent ranges from EUR 16 to EUR 200, depending on location. The young company is growing quickly. Its service has also been available in Italy since October 2018. Yespark has plans to expand into the Netherlands this year.

Groupe Valophis

With some 49,000 apartments and 105,000 tenants, Groupe Valophis is one of the leading social-housing companies in the Val de Marne and the Ile de France region. The company also builds new apartments for sale and rental alike. Groupe Valophis owns 473 car parks with a total of 28,000 spaces. The Yespark app is used to rent out 339 spaces in 20 car parks – enabling the housing company to tap into a new customer base, including professionals working in the vicinity of Groupe Valophis buildings and car parks.